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Mask - Dali

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One of a kind art inspired by Joe Maddon and executed by Jason Skeldon. These masks are adjustable, three layers, durable, washable, reusable, eco-friendly and individually wrapped.  Most of all, if we're going to have masks on our faces, why not have one that's as cool looking as this one?

Dali is about catching and the tools of intelligence. Often times the catcher’s gear is referred to as the tools of ignorance. I did clinics for many years throughout the United States and Europe and every time I spoke on catching I would refer to the catcher’s equipment as the tools of intelligence because a catcher has so much going on inside. It’s not unlike the quarterback on a football field. You have to know your pitcher. You have to know your defenses. You have to think in advance.  Dali is also about balancing data vs. art with data being the numerical analytical side of the game and art as the human being. The flamingo standing on one leg is about balance. It’s about not relying too much on data or too much on art. You have to balance it all out and come up with the cocktail that works for the group.

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